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Selling a Damaged Home: Your Complete Guide

Published on: Feb 28, 2024

Selling a home is never easy, and it can become even more challenging when your property is damaged. Regardless of whether the damage is caused by natural disasters, structural issues, or accidents, the selling process requires careful planning and transparency. Here's how you can sell a damaged home.

Table of Contents:

  • Steps to Sell a Home with Damages
  • FAQs
  • The Final Word

Steps to Sell a House with Damages

Here's how you can sell a house with damages:

1. Assess the Damage

Before listing your home, thoroughly assess your property for visible and hidden issues. You can hire a professional inspector or contractor for accurate assessments.

Obtain estimates for repairing the damage. This information is valuable for both you and potential buyers. It helps you set a realistic asking price and lets buyers know whether they can afford the necessary repairs. Get quotes from multiple contractors to ensure accuracy.

2. Disclose Requirements

Being transparent is crucial when selling a damaged home. Research your local laws and regulations and familiarize yourself with disclosure requirements. Most states have strict disclosure requirements, obliging sellers to reveal any known issues with the property.

Consult with legal professionals and prepare a comprehensive disclosure outlining all damages associated with the property. Be transparent and honest to avoid any potential legal consequences in the future.

3. Selling Options

There are three options to sell a house with damages:

  • Repair and sell: If the cost of repairing the damages is reasonable, fix and sell. It can attract retail buyers and raise your home's value. Document the work to reassure the buyers that you have repaired the damages.
  • Sell as-is: If the cost of repairing the damages is too high, sell your house in its current condition. Expect lower offers as buyers will consider the cost of repairs when negotiating.
  • Research and try selling to cash buyers: Some real estate agencies like Golex Properties purchase properties as-is because fixing damages and flipping the house is part of our investment strategy. You can also sell your property to investors who purchase for renovation or redevelopment.

4. Market Using the Right Strategies

Highlight the positives of the property, such as its location and size. We recommend working with a local real estate agent because they can help you find the highlights in your home, guide you through legal requirements, help you set a competitive price, and assist in negotiating with potential buyers. Make sure to select the correct agent if you go down this path. Most agent require a signed listing agreement giving them on average 6 months to be able to sell the property.

Since your property is damaged, expect some negotiations from potential buyers. Be flexible and open to reasonable offers.


What if I don't disclose the property damage?

Not disclosing property damage can lead to legal issues, such as buyer lawsuits. There are also chances for the buyer to cancel the contract.

Can I sell a home with fire damage?

Yes. Work with fire damage restoration professionals to assess the damages. If possible, fix them. If not, sell the house as-is, but ensure to disclose the damages to potential buyers. Expect a lower asking price, especially in cases of severe fire damage where a significant portion of your property may have been destroyed.

How long does it take to sell a damaged home?

The time it takes to sell can vary. Damaged homes take longer to sell, especially if the damages are extensive. If speed is a priority, consider firms like Golex Properties who purchase these homes as-is and close quickly.

The Final Word

Selling a damaged property requires proper planning, transparency, and effective communication. Disclosing information to potential buyers and working with professionals can increase your chances of a successful sale. Remember that honesty is the best policy, and a well-informed buyer is more likely to feel confident purchasing a damaged property.

If you need help selling a damaged house, get in touch with Golex Properties. We purchase your house as-is and pay the entire amount as soon as the documentation is done. We never offer more than what we intend to pay. So, you don't have to worry about reductions before closing the deal.

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