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Frequently Asked Questions:

General Questions

At Golex Properties we invest in state of the art software which gives us the latest valuations on the property. We take into account the current condition of the property along with current rents and future rent amounts to determine our offer. We close on the property AS-IS, with or without occupants, there are no repairs or any cleaning required from you prior to closing. In addition we pay the closing costs and there are no realtor commissions involved.
Depending how far along in the process of foreclosure. We have been able to help out numerous home owners during these challenging times. We use an attorney owned and operated title company specifically for these difficult situations. Our team takes the initiative of contacting the lender and obtaining the final payoff, from here we accelerate and rush the closing.
We mostly buy residential properties such as, single family homes, townhomes, villas, condos, apartments, multi-family units and occasionally some commercial properties and vacant land lots. We buy throughout the majority of Florida and Georgia
Not a single cent, we provide you with a No-Obligation Cash Offer that you can rely on and trust will not change anytime throughout the escrow process.
This is not a problem for us, just let the Acquisitions specialist know when you call us in and we will make a note of this. We have an entire property management team in house that handles these situations everyday, and can close with tenants not paying or behind on rent.

Common Closing Questions

At Golex Properties our mission is to make it as easy on you as possible. We are systemized and built to handle just about everything throughout the escrow process, all the way through to closing.
At Golex Properties we expedite the closing process as soon as the contract is signed. Depending on the municipality, some closings are faster than others. On average we close in approximately 2 weeks. However, we can close in as little as just a few days in some cities.
Not a problem, we work at your pace. We can push out the closing date as far as you like, whether it's for tax planning, needing to move some personal belongings, or waiting on someone to move out. You tell us when you want to close, no questions asked.

Common Seller Questions

This is very common, and pretty simple. Our title company will send you a borrower's authorization form and request the latest payoff on your behalf prior to closing. This amount then gets subtracted from the Seller proceeds and our title company pays off the mortgage at closing.
Once we are closed, you have the option to have the funds wired directly into a bank account of your choice or elect to have a certified check overnighted to you. There is always the option of coming in person and receiving either a wire transfer or your certified check in person.
The majority of our closings are done by "mail-away" Our title company sends you all the closing documents via FedEx overnight, and you can just go into your local bank or notary's office to execute these documents. There is already a prepaid overnight slip for you to mail them back included in your doc package. You can always elect to have a mobile notary go to your house or office if it is more convenient. If you would like to close in person, our title company can also accommodate you at their Boca Raton office.

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