Can a House Be Sold for Cash During Probate in Florida?

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Can a House Be Sold for Cash During Probate in Florida?

Published on: Nov 04, 2023

Are you also looking for the answer to "Can a House Be Sold for Cash During Probate in Florida?"... then you are at the right place!

Whenever a loved one dies, their property goes into the probate. However, this process became more complicated and long in case the property owner is a resident of Florida. If you also want to sell a House in Probate in Florida, it becomes crucial for you to be familiar with the procedure of selling it.

Explore the entire blog to get a brief on selling Probate Real Estate in Florida, & we will also provide you advice to make the process seamless and smooth. Keep reading for more information.

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What is Probate Property?

Probate property refers to any property or asset left by a deceased person. For selling a house in probate, an administrator or executor of the estate must have to go through the probate process. The process consists of obtaining legal approval from the court and handing over any debts or creditors owed by the individual who passed away (died without any will).

The probate process is a lengthy process that takes several months to execute. In the meantime, the property of the deceased person, i.e., their home is held in limbo. Moreover, there are certain options and rules for selling a house in probate in Florida.

Steps of Selling a House For Cash During Probate in Florida

So, it is clear to us that with some legal procedures, selling a house for cash during probate in Florida is possible. Here we will explore some of the essential steps you must have to consider:

Appointing Personal Representative: The first and most crucial step is to appoint a personal representative to manage the estate of deceased persons and take care of house sales. The court will usually appoint the same as a part of the probate process.

Property Appraisal: It is very crucial to determine the fair market value of property before selling Probate real estate.

Notice to Creditors: The personal representative must notify creditors that the deceased person's estate is in probate in Florida. This notice enables the representative to assess the liabilities and debts of the estate.

Court Approval: After gathering all information on the financial situation of the estate, the personal representative can seek court approval to sell the house. After reviewing the proposed sales thoroughly, the court may order a public sale or auction of the estate according to the circumstances.

Marketing and Sales: Once the court approves the estate sale, the representative might proceed with the marketing and selling of the house. However, there are some cases where the court might need the estate to be sold through a broker or real estate agent, while in some cases, private sale is allowed.

Distribution of Proceeds: When the property is sold, the proceeds from the sales are used to pay off the outstanding liabilities and debts. After satisfying these obligations, the left-out funds are distributed to the beneficiaries and heirs as per the will of the deceased person or Florida's intestacy laws (in case of no will).

Benefits of Selling for Cash During Probate

Selling Probate Real Estate for cash during probate in Florida can have several advantages:

  • Faster Process
  • Reduced Stress
  • Certainty
  • No Repairs Needed
  • No Realtor Commissions 

Wrapping Up

Selling a house for cash fast during probate in Florida is possible but consists of court oversight and a specific set of legal processes. However, working with experienced professionals and taking necessary actions can help you in the successful sale of a house in Probate in Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a probate sale take in Florida?

Under maximum cases, probate takes 6-9 months to finish in Florida. However, if the situation is more complicated, it may take several more months to sell a house in Probate in Florida.  

When can you sell a house during probate in Florida?

You can sell a house or estate during probate after the court appoints a personal representative and grants approval for sale. The process typically involves property appraisal, notice to creditors, court approval, and distribution of proceeds.

What is the 10-day rule for probate in Florida?

The 10-day rule in Florida probate is basically the deadline for filing the original will with the court clerk in the nation where the deceased lives. If a person fails to do so, the person in possession might be liable for any damage caused by delay.

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