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Can I Sell My House Before Foreclosure?

Published on: Oct 26, 2023

The word foreclosure can make you scared, especially if you have crushing mortgage payments after an accident or any other tragedy that has left you financially unstable. For almost everyone involved, foreclosures are lose-lose propositions as homeowners lose their homes.

For the foreclosure process, the banks must spend money, and the neighboring property values will fall. However, there are several ways to avoid foreclosure, and one among them is selling the property before a foreclosure action is complete. How to sell your home before foreclosure? Read below to get the answer:

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What is Foreclosure?

The process of foreclosure begins when the borrower fails to make the committed mortgage payments. The lender repossesses and attempts to sell the house when a home is foreclosed.

This process happens because the mortgage loans are secured by real estate, which means the home is used as collateral. As the home is collateral, the lender can legally seize the property when you fail to make payments.

How to Sell a Home Before Foreclosure?

To avoid any dire consequences, selling your home before foreclosure is essential. There are two ways to sell your home before foreclosure: a short sale or a standard real estate transaction. You can sell your home even if the foreclosure process has started.

Many lenders are ready to slow down the foreclosure process, as it is costly for them. This will benefit both parties and save the lender from the hassle of finding a new owner for your property.

Make sure that the sale price will cover the entire debt, including the interest, fees, and penalties, regardless of when or how you sell. Any failure in the process may leave you with a deficiency in balance, which can be subjected to a deficiency judgment. Hiring a realtor is often the best route to sell your home before foreclosure, as their expertise can greatly assist you.

The Benefits You Can Get from Selling Home Before Foreclosure

“Is it beneficial to sell my house before foreclosure?” Actually, there are many benefits. To start with, you will avoid a foreclosure on your credit as most of the foreclosure will stay on a credit report for many years. This may have a negative impact on securing housing, moving forward, or getting a loan.

You will have less chance to get a mortgage from many banks and other lenders if they see a foreclosure on the credit history. So, before foreclosure, if you decide to buy another home, you can do it sooner. You can also avoid a deficiency judgment.


To avoid foreclosure, selling your home before foreclosure is the best way. But you may think, how do I sell my house fast before foreclosure? You have to consider several factors before you decide to go for the sale. These include your overall financial situation, how much equity you have in your home, and conditions of real estate that could affect the market value of the home. A great option is to sell your home for cash to a reputable home buyer company. Golex Properties is Florida’s Leading Home Buyer. Find out if this is the best route for you.

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Can you sell a property before foreclosure in Florida?

Yes, it is possible for you to sell a property before foreclosure in Florida. You have to find a buyer who is willing to pay to satisfy your mortgage debt.

How long is the foreclosure process in Florida?

The time duration of the foreclosure process in Florida can vary. Usually, it takes between 8 to 14 months.

How long does a house stay in pre-foreclosure in Florida?

In Florida, the pre-foreclosure phase usually begins when a borrower has failed to make mortgage payments for 30 days. Then, the lender decides to initiate the foreclosure process.

How much does it cost to foreclose on a property in Florida?

The cost of foreclosing on a property in Florida depends on the filing type:

For foreclosure claims of $50,000 or less, it is $400
For foreclosure claims between $50,000 and $250,000, it is $905
For foreclosure claims above $250,000, it is $1,905

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