Florida’s Leading Home Buyer, Golex Properties, Buys Homes Quickly And With No Hassle

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Florida’s Leading Home Buyer, Golex Properties, Buys Homes Quickly And With No Hassle

Published on: Aug 29, 2023

With immediate cash offers and no updates needed to the house, Golex Properties removes the stress and extensive processes of selling a home. There are no hidden fees, commissions, or closing costs, making sure that the seller pockets more money.

Selling a home requires an extensive process of hiring a real estate agent, listing the property, having numerous showings, inspections, concessions, and more. The process can take months and is riddled with stress and money being spent instead of earned. Even when it is all completed, sometimes the house still hasn’t sold, or worse, the new buyer's financing falls through. If the seller has already locked themselves into a contract with a new home, they are stuck with two mortgages which can cause financial stress.

Golex Properties can help bypass this stressful and extensive process. For home sellers in Florida, it can be as simple as a single cash offer and closing within a few days.

How Golex Properties is making life easier for Homeowners in Florida

Anyone in Florida who is looking to sell their home just has to reach out to Golex Properties for a zero-obligation, real cash offer. With a cash offer from Golex Properties, the homeowner doesn’t need to worry about paying for lengthy, expensive repairs. When an offer is made, this offer is a cash offer with no need to make changes. The offer is based on the property as is, making it easier and faster for the seller to move on.

Golex Properties is vertically integrated from start to finish and pays for all title preparation and closing fees. This ensures the seller isn’t saddled with expensive closing costs, realtor commission percentages, and other fees. They get to walk away with everything they make from the sale of their home.

Golex Properties also ensures a rapid closing. In as little as just a few days, a home can be sold and closed on. If a homeowner is going through probate, Golex Properties can handle the legal process. If the homeowner is facing foreclosure or has any reason to sell quickly, Golex Properties is the best option to get a fair price and close the house quickly.


When working with Golex Properties, homeowners get to bypass many of the parts of selling a property that make it a long and challenging task. Instead of worrying about bringing in new people to view the home, enduring inspection after inspection, and paying out of pocket to repair whatever the potential buyer wants to be done, they can receive a fair offer that will be paid out in cash with a closing date as soon as they need it to be.

Florida residents benefit from this fantastic option as they purchase a new property, move on from a burdened home, and get their existing home sold quickly and efficiently.

“Super professional company and I highly recommend using them. The process went smoothly; they did what they promised!” One customer said. Another added, “The sale went very smoothly, and I was very pleased with the entire transaction.”

Golex Properties dedicates itself daily to aiding homeowners in a smooth and easy process.

Contact Name: Golex Properties LLC
Contact Email: offers@golexproperties.com
Phone: 844-697-9737
Website: https://golexproperties.com
Address: 150 E. Palmetto Park Rd. Suite 201
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Country: United States

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