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A Comprehensive Guide for Selling Your House Fast for Cash

Published on: Dec 06, 2023

If speed, convenience, and certainty are your top priorities, then selling your house for cash is the best option. Without the danger of financing contingencies deferring the sale or inspection periods where the purchaser can renegotiate, selling your house to a cash buyer will get you to the closing table faster and with fewer headaches.

A traditional sale can be a time consuming and lengthy process. This is why opting to sell your house fast for cash can result in a quick and hassle-free experience. There are numerous reasons why you may want to explore a cash sale. Some of these reasons may include a death in the family, divorce, or financial strain. If you’re facing monetary difficulties or don’t have the resource to renovate the property, selling your house for cash and evading the traditional real estate market is easily possible.

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What does it mean to sell a house for cash?

When you sell a house for cash, you sell to a buyer who can buy the home outright without using a mortgage loan. This eliminates any financial contingencies, such as underwriting, loan approval and appraisals. If you propose $350,000, your cash purchaser must show proof that they have $350,000 ready in a bank account or similar proof of funds.

This calls for working with a niche purchaser who typically purchases off-market homes that may need remodelling or renovations. To guarantee a cash offer for your home, you must work with a house-buying company like Golex Properties, as we buy houses for cash in Florida, and have a proven track record of closing hundreds of properties per year.

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Benefits of selling a house for cash

1. Faster closing

When you sell your house fast in Florida, you get to closing much quicker, typically in a week or two. Mortgages have a lengthy process. A typical mortgage can take an average of 43 days to process from start to end. In a market with increasing interest rates some borrowers may need to undergo additional underwriting, which can result in additional delays.

Generally speaking, you can complete the process in 10 to 21 days with a cash offer from a house-purchasing company. If you need to sell and close rapidly, this is a huge benefit.

2. No home staging, fixing up or renovations prior to closing

According to a study, 80% of Americans choose a move-in equipped home to one that requires an upgrade. If your home needs renovation, finding a purchaser can be more difficult.

When you sell your house for cash to a reputed house-buying company, you can skip the upgrades and other arrangements characteristically vital when trading on the open market. “Cash-for-homes" companies often buy homes “As Is”; subsequently, they have the resources and experience to update a house. This eliminates the repair burden.

3. Reduced, or NO closing fees

In addition to repair and staging expenses, a cash offer can cut out extra closing costs. If you're considering to ‘sell a house fast in Florida’. Many house-buying companies will cover the closing costs for the seller, which can be 8% to 10% of the sale price. This reduced closing fee thus counterbalances to a lower proposed price. 

4. Lesser holding costs

So long as you own a house, you’re accountable for its holding costs, utilities, taxes, insurance, upkeep, and other fees, summing up to a decent portion of money per month.

Selling a house in a slow real estate market could take 5-6 months. This can cause postponements while the holder continues to cover the costs of heating, cooling, lawn mowing, etc.; hence, cash sales are fast, reducing the time period of holding costs.

5. Interest rate immunity

As home buyers face today’s increased interest rates, a buyer with cash in hand avoids the ambiguity of getting a loan permitted. Mortgage interest rates are high, which makes it challenging for some buyers to qualify for a home loan.

A Florida cash home buyers' ability to purchase cash eliminates this risk from the deal. An upsurge in interest rates or a change in the purchaser’s credit history are all irrelevant when dealing with a cash buyer.


A cash sale can be the best option for sellers who need a quick turnaround. You might get a lower price, but it is fast and convenient and may be the best depending on your goals. Do your research, and make sure to cross examine testimonials from previous sellers. If you are looking for a reputable home buying company, Golex Properties is Florida's Leading Home Buyer. Contact us for a better cash offer for your house!

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